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** FR Party workout event

  • Up to 14 stations circuit training to improve your overall body functions and conditions

  • Customized class for individuals or groups are welcome, please contact us for details


Getting bored with ordinary training and losing motivation? 

Come and join our FR group workout event!

The atmosphere here can light up your motivation, your accountability and a lot of fun. Also, our F.I.T. zone has already installed the heart rate monitoring system. Once you got your heart rate sensor, your heart rate will be shown on the TV screen clearly. Everybody, just follow our instructions, try your best to keep your heart rates up, keep burning!!

Lv.3 Get bigger!!

  • High intensity weight training

Lv.2 Get ripped and burn fat!!

Goal: Reduce body fat and maintain muscle tone​

  • F.I.T. (Functional interval training) with heart rate monitoring

  • H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) with heart rate monitoring

Lv.1 Tune up your body!!

Goal: Improve overall body conditions

  • Basic functional movement and core exercise​

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