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Getting bored of just doing cardio or only weight lifting?

Fitness Revolution is not a traditional gym. We put most of the things in here and you can combine everything in your routine. We specially set up an F.I.T (Functional Interval Training) zone which has up to 14 training station with the heart rate monitoring system to help for adjusting your training intensity.


Fitness Revolution F.I.T zone


Each training station aims at providing full exercise to each of body functions in terms of cardiorespiratory, stability, strength, endurance, explosive power, coordination, sensibility and speed. It can also help exercisers to burn more fat get in shape and improve overall physical qualities.




  1. Landmine barbell station              

  2. Power rack station                   

  3. Dip station                         

  4. Slamball station                    

  5. Bosu station

  6. Functional trainer cable station

  7. TRX station

  8. Battle rope station

  9. Kettlebell station

  10. Training bag station

  11. Step up station

  12. Treadmill and bike station

  13. Smith machine station

  14. Dumbell Station

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