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Our heart rate monitoring system makes you contribute most of your effort into your workout. By indicating the heart rate in the corresponding workout can reveal the effectiveness of the exercise.   The heart rate of each participant will be shown on the big screen in real time.  The objective of the system is to investigate and track down your progress.  Data and report can be provided if needed.  Our F.I.T. combines cardio, functional and strength training together with diverse equipment to create challenges to all fitness levels.  

Heart rate based F.I.T. (functional interval training)

Benefits of our heart rate based training



  • Burn calories up to 36 hours due to EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption)

  • By increasing adrenaline level to burn body fat, especially stubborn body fat.

  • Shorter workout time but could lose more calories and fat compare with traditional cardio training.  

  • Boost metabolism to get faster weight loss

  • Improve your overall body condition

  • Better stress resistance

  • Improve cardiovascular function

  • Improve overall health.

EPOC After Burn Effect
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